Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dawn of Defiance (DoD) is a pregenerated campaign relaeased by Wizards of the Cost (WotC) for the Star Wars Saga Roleplaying Game.  It is made up of 10 downloadable adventures from WotC taking players from level 1 to 20.

Unfortunately when WotC did not renew their license with Lucas, most of the Saga material was stripped from WotC's website.  Through the forums you can piece together the adventure, but it takes a while and visits to multiple sites.  This one site contains the original Adventures, GM information, Campaing FAQ, and other original documentation that used to be freely available from WotC.  Also included are the various maps in two formats; one is reduced to 1" square for easy printing on larger format, the other includes guide lines and coordinates for easy PbP use.

If you just want everything in one big zip file: the Adventures, GM information, and Maps.... here ya go.